Improving Business Agility Through Technical Solutions: A Case Study on Test-Driven Development in Mobile Software Development

Author(s): P. Abrahamsson, A. Hanhineva, and J. Jäälinoja
Venue: Int’l Working Conf., Int’l Federation for Information Processing
Date: 2005

Type of Experiement: Case Study


Methodology: TDD
Duration: 9 weeks, 1 to 2 week iterations
Type of project: Mobile Java Devicesm Production Monitoring Application
# of developers: 4
project life: New
Experience with the Methodology: None
Team Language Experience: Unexperienced
Language: Java 2 Micro Edition
Technical Leadership: No Dedicated coach
Junit code (KLOC): 0.2

Server was not included in the TDD data since it was not possibly done with the current setup. The developers saw the tests as a burden and did not really use them. They kept on falling back to their old ways of programming and not no faith in TDD. The team was under a great amount of delivery pressure and didn't do TDD unless they were forced. The result maybe been due to the difficulty of mobile technology. In order to do TDD it requires determined and skilled developers. However, this team had a lack of motivation and where inexperience in the technology which resulted in many technology problems. There was a steep learning curve for TDD and a mentor was not always present which made continuous usage of the practice extremely hard.