A Prototype Empirical Evaluation of Test Driven Development

Author(s): A. Geras
Venue: Proc. 10th Int’l Symp. Software Metrics, (METRICS 04), IEEE CS Press
Date: 2004

Type of Experiement: Controlled Experiment


Methodology: TDD
Company: NA (Industry volunteers)
Type of project: Simple Registering a new project program, anda simple Recording Time Against a Project program
# of developers: 7
project life: New
Language: Java
Collocation: Distributed

This controlled experiment took industry volunteers and split them into 2 groups of 7 developers. Two simple easy business scenario programs was given to them to program using TDD. However, the author found it difficult to find volunteers to participate in this study due to many developers' work obligations. Using students instead of industry practitioners raises validity concerns. One thing that have been shown through this experiment is that developers appear less comfortable working with customer tests. This suggests that there is a need for something to assist at the customer test level – either more training or a ubiquitous set of tools like those that exist at the developer test level.