Evaluating Advantages of Test Driven Development: a Controlled Experiment with Professionals

Author(s): A. Canfora
Venue: Proc. Int’l Symp. Empirical Software Eng. (ISESE 06)
Date: 2006

Type of Experiement: Case Study


Methodology: TDD
Duration: 5 hours
Company: Soluziona Software Factory
# of developers: 28
Experience with the Methodology: None
Team Language Experience: Experienced
Language: Java
Team Domain Experience: Medium
Collocation: Collocated

This case study was done with a software company located in Spain. This experiment was done over a time period of 3 days, it involved a 3 hours seminar on TDD, and two 5 hour runs of test driven development. One lesson that was learn is extending the time window of the experiment might give a more accurate results. The conclusion of this paper shows that there are statistical evidence that TDD requires more time than TAC. However, there is not any statistical evidence that TDD brings about more accurate and precise unit tests than TAC. TDD lets a greater predictability of performance than TAX: such a result might be helpful when estimating project's costs.