Case Study: October 2007

Author(s): Mike Sutton
Date: Oct 22, 2007


Summary: This article explains a ScrumMaster’s situation after trying to implement Scrum for the first
time in a multi?million dollar global company. The article is written after two Sprints were completed
and discusses the problems that have been encountered along the way.
The ScrumMaster has organized a total team of 13 people with one person as the dedicated Product
Owner to deal with customer concerns and recommendations. The team mostly consists of contractors
that have not dealt with Scrum or Agile in general and have a somewhat limited skill set. Some of the
problems that have been encountered so far include; the team not being fully devoted to using Scrum,
which will always cause problems in any team, lack of skilled team members that are able to produce
quality code and problems completing all the tasks of a certain sprint on time. The ScrumMaster also
reported that while he was away from the team they did not fully follow the Scrum practices.
The bottom line in this situation is if people are not willing to fully devote themselves to the Scrum
process then nothing will ever come easy. Team members who are only putting half of their effort into
the process hold the team back and prevent the Scrum from being successful. It is also quite possible
that the team size it too large to work successfully, as the Scrum recommendations are for team from 5?
9 people. This article explains some of the problems that might be seen on first implementations of
Scrum in an environment not willing to change.