HMV delivers a fresh and vibrant service to digital music fans

Author(s): Lorraine Branch
Date: 2005


Sprints: Monthly
Efficiency: Improved
Scrum Meetings: every day, 15 minutes
First Time Scrum: Yes
Overall Transition: Very Smooth

HMV is a leading online digital music provider that needed a flexible and easy to maintain service. The
initial phase of development was managed by Microsoft internally, but HMV wanted to bring the
second phase of development in-house and needed an easy to use process to make a smooth and
efficient transition. HMV decided to adapt Agile methods, specifically Scrum. This was the fist time
HMV was attempting to use Scrum, but their transition went very smoothly.

Some benefits that accompanied HMV's switch to a Scrum process include:
•  Being able to align the terminology, artifacts and processes of the tools with those of Scrum,
ensuring projects flow more smoothly
•  Providing  scaffolding to help teams or individuals who are new to Scrum project delivery b y
providing contextual Scrum guidance
•  Supporting those in Scrum roles carrying out their responsibilities
•  Making the product simple and flexible so that it is not onerous to use, or overly prescriptive 

HMV followed the basic principals of Scrum using monthly iterations that rely on self organizing, self
managing, cross functional teams. HMV found the ability to rapidly develop new features for the
HMV Digital services and respond to shifts in customer demand paramount to the success of the
service. HMV credits their new development process with providing a tremendous improvement in
speed and flexibility throughout the software cycle along with a positive impact on customer usage and