Embedded System Construction – Evaluation of Model- Driven and Component-Based Development Approaches

Author(s): Christian Bunse, Hans-Gerhard Gross, Christian Peper
Venue: Empirical Studies of Model-Driven Engineering (ESMDE '08)
Date: 2008


Type of Experiment: Exploratory Study

This paper compares Model Driven development with Unified Process and Agile Development in terms of development effort and model size in the domain of component based software engineering. The experiment was conducted using several variants of a small micro-controlled-based automotive subsystem.

The authors found that MMD combined with component based software engineering preforms well, is maintainable and has a higher then normal reuse rate. Specifically the authors kept track of measures for maintainability, portability, adaptability, and reuse. For MMD the numbers showed that adaptation covered a significant portion of the code for reuse. Adaptation for MMD is low compared to initial development (26hr vs. 3/10hrs). The results were also very similarity for the Unified Process and Agile process. One thing the authors point out is that the Unified Process required more documentation increasing development effort.