Towards Quality-Driven Model Transformations: A Replication Study

Author(s): Emilio Insfran, José Ángel Carsí1 Silvia Abrahão, Marcela Genero, Isidro Ramos, Mario Piattini
Venue: Empirical Studies of Model-Driven Engineering (ESMDE '08)
Date: 2008

Type of Experiement: Other


This paper is a replica of a controlled experiment which investigates the selection of alternative transformations to obtain UML class models from a Requirements Model. The previous experiment was set up to investigate which transformations rules for structured relationships obtained the easiest to understand UML models.

The experiment used 9 Sequence Diagrams from 3 case studies. Each Sequence diagram contained a questionnaire to test subject understanding of diagram. It also used 3 UML class diagrams with similar questionnaires. The questions were geared towards the areas of understandability time, effectiveness, and efficiency. The experiment supported the original study and found that the use of associations obtained the easiest to understand UML models and the association class obtained the hardest to understand UML models.