Scale Free in Software Metrics

Author(s): Liu Jing, He Keging, Ma Yutao, and Peng Rong
Venue: Computer Software and Applications Conference, COMPSAC '06, 30th Annual International
Date: 2006

Type of Experiement: Case Study



This paper explores incorporating the Weighted Methods per Class (WMC) metric into their definition of Weighted OO Software Coupling Network as the node weight. Their method takes OO Software Coupling Network and uses WMC as a weight for the nodes to get their definition of Weighted OO Software Coupling Network. The empirical evidence over four open source OO projects shows a power law distribution of weight and a clear correlation between the weight and the out degree. Their experiments continue on to show there is a correlation between LCOM and WMC as well as the out degree, more-so than there is correlation between CBO and in-degree.