An Empirical Investigation into the Dimensions of Run-Time Coupling in Java Programs

Author(s): Aine Mitchell and James F. Power
Venue: Proceedings of the 3rd international symposium on Principles and practice of programming in Java
Date: 2004

Type of Experiement: Case Study



A set of Run-Time object-oriented coupling metrics are defined in this paper and then compared to existing static metrics. The metrics are evaluated using a collection of Java Programs from the SPECjvm98 benchmark suite. The new dynamic metrics resulted in having large amounts of variance, showing that more research needs to go into them. There was good correlation shown between CBO and Ri since Ri is basically CBO done at run-time. Another interesting result was that there was negative correlation given between CBO and RDe. The results in general showed that the run-time metrics can complement the static metrics and with more work put into run-time metrics they could offer a new view of software.