Software Configuration Management over a Global Software Development Environment: Lessons Learned from a Case Study

Author(s): Leonardo Pilatti, Jorge Luis Nicolas Audy and Rafael Prikladnicki
Venue: Proceedings of the 2006 international workshop on Global software development for the practitioner
Date: 2006



In global environments, software configuration management is critical due to distributed development. This paper presents results from a case study of a multinational organization recognized as CMM level 2 that has offshore development centers in Brazil, India, and Russia.

The analyzed projects involved more than 40 developers located in 3 different countries -- The United States, Brazil, and India. One project was a maintenance project, increasing functionality of an existing system, while the other three were entirely new projects in the organization. Two projects (A, D) were developed with the Java 2 Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, one (B) in a proprietary programming language called SEEKER, and one (C) used PL/SQL. Projects A through D contained 12, 17, 4, and 8 developers respectively and each involved at least two countries.

The results of the study identify some important aspects of SCM in a global environment, and many issues were identified and 8 lessons were proposed.