Acceptance Test-Driven Development with Keyword-Driven Test Automation Framework in an Agile Software Project

Author(s): Juha Rantanen
Date: 2007

Type of Experiement: Case Study
Sample Size: 25
Class/Experience Level: Professional
Data Collection Method: Observation


In this thesis the author was a part of development on a project for a Finnish software company and reported a case-study using ATDD development. The author was a test automation engineer on this project, in which two other Scrum teams of ten developers each worked. This thesis covered four sprints spread over four months, in which the author gathered observations, informal conversations, semi-formal interviews, and relevant documents and emails.

The ATDD framework was used to continuously test the project through the Java user interface. This was a limitation as some of the early work implemented code that was not exposed in the user interface, such as some of the core model and business logic. In each of the additional sprints more acceptance tests were added to attempt to test all of the features that were being added. After these four sprints, the author interviewed project members developing features with ATDD. These interviews showed that the biggest benefit of using ATDD was increased communication, cooperation, and detailed planning between teams.