Inspecting Designs in the Context of Model-Driven Development

Author(s): Terry Shepard, Diane Kelly, Ron Smith, Ron Chisholm, Todd Jackson, Paul Mondoux
Venue: Proceedings of the 2006 conference of the Center for Advanced Studies on Collaborative research
Date: 2006

Type of Experiement: Other


Type of Experiment: Empirical Study

The work presents an exploration of model inspection in IBM's Rational Rose Real-Time (RoseRT) tool, "a UML-based software development environment tailored to concurrent (realtime) systems." The gives some background on RoseRT, discusses the study and its results, and ends with an extensive listing of future research possibilites.

The goals of the study were to:
1) "identify the challenges and advantages of inspecting designs" using the RoseRT tool,
2) "identify features that could be added to the tool to support inspection," and
3) "explore inspection techniques suitable for MDD in general."

The study considered the following inspection techniques:
- "ad hoc online exploration of a design,"
- "a checklist based on general desirable properties of designs,"
- "a checklist derived from the specific requirements for the given design,"
- "scenarios as guides to a design," and
- "a family of seven Object-Oriented Reading Techniques (OORT)" (discussed in the paper).