Some Results of Experimentation with Extreme Programming Paradigm

Author(s): Ahmed, A.; Fraz, M.M.; Zahid, F.A.
Venue: Multi Topic Conference, 2003. INMIC 2003. 7th International
Date: 2003

Class/Experience Level: Professional




The goal of the project in Some Results... was to research performance issues on distributed systems through a peer-to-peer solution. The development team adopted extreme programming because of an anticipated risk of changing requirements.

Using story cards was seen as one of the most beneficial extreme programming practices. New user stories were added continuously throughout the project; approximately 105 user stories were written and prioritized by the supervisor and senior developer. User stories were refined to fit into the short iterations of extreme programming. Throughout requirements changes, the number of completed user stories each release remained consistent; this is a testament to ability to react to requirements changes while using extreme programming practices.

According to the study's conclusion, extreme programming proved successful in every occasion, and raised both productivity and morale of the team.