Evaluating the Use of Domain-Specific Modeling in Practice

Author(s): J Kärnä, J-P Tolvanen, S Kelly
Venue: 9th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling at OOPSLA 2009 conference
Date: 2009

Type of Experiement: Controlled Experiment
Sample Size: 6
Class/Experience Level: Professional
Participant Selection: developers within the company
Data Collection Method: Observation, Survey, Project Artifact(s)


The article describe an approach applied at Polar Electro to evaluate a Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) language and generator for developing embedded devices. The evaluation approach takes into account the objectives set for the creation of the DSM solution and collects data via controlled laboratory studies. The evaluation proved the benefits of the DSM solution: an increase of at least 750% in developer productivity, and greatly improved quality of the code and development process.

Article details: http://www.dsmforum.org/events/DSM09/Papers/Karna.pdf