Maintenance and evolution of service-oriented and cloud-based systems

Author(s): Anca Daniela Ionita, Romania Grace A. Lewis, Marin Litoiu
Venue: IEEE 7th international symposium
Date: 2013

Type of Experiement: Survey/Multi-Case Study
Class/Experience Level: Professional
Data Collection Method: Observation


This paper summarized 1 keynote, 2 presentations, and 11 papers that were displayed during the IEEE 2013 symposium. The topics covered a wide range of topics such as requirements, testing, matience and business practices relating to cloud computing. They keynote presentation focused on Search-Based Software Engineering in the field of Cloud Computing.

Search-Based Optimization Techniques talked about creating a fitness function to be able to perform a quantitative evaluation when determining the best choices when testing, refactoring, and prioritizing requirements. The presentation focused on SLAs and using previous SLA agreements to determine a function that can generate the best SLA agreements. It stated that the primary issue is measuring Quality of Service attributes that can only be evaluated by a human. It ended by giving several areas in Cloud Computing where a fitness function can be generated such as: Optimizing load balancing, Determining behavior at run-time, and Runtime replacement of failing behavior