Umple: A framework for Model Driven Development of Object-Oriented Systems

Author(s): Garzon, M.A. ; Aljamaan, H. ; Lethbridge, T.C.
Venue: International Conference on Software Engineering
Date: 2-6 March 2015

Type of Experiement: Case Study
Sample Size: 3
Class/Experience Level: Professional
Data Collection Method: Observation, Code Metric, Project Artifact(s)


This paper discusses a new design language for modeling called Umple. This design language and it's framework can help create maintainable documents and UML for code. It is often seen that UML is used at the beginning stages of a product, but becomes hard to maintain. The code often becomes the best way to "learn" the system, but UML can express a lot of notions in a short amount of time.

Umple is a fully formed language that can be parsed and the run to generate code in a few languages such as Java or C++. UMple produces UML as well as code. Moreover, Umple can take existing code and analysis it back into Umple. This means "old" and preexisting projects can use the Umple engine too. Their case studies show that the code output by an Umple project is of higher quality than existing code because: all Umple code is TDD and upholds referential integrity. There was no evidence to support this claim and was referenced in future work.