On Designing UX for Mobile Enterprise Apps

Author(s): Kati Kuusinen, Tommi Mikkonen
Venue: Software Engineering and Advanced Applications
Date: 2014-08-27 - 2014-08-29

Type of Experiement: Survey/Multi-Case Study
Data Collection Method: Survey


This paper focuses on the specific UX considerations for mobile appications in contrast to the UX principles geared toward the desktop space.

The authors note that a key aspect of mobile UX is the time spent on user interaction and how it should take less time for a user to perform a crucial action or task on a mobile app than in a desktop application. The authors reason that this is because users seek to perform rapid, focused actions on a mobile device in contrast to long-lasting sessions on a desktop computer. Thus, the authors suggest that interactions must be able to be accomplished using the 'minimal number of finger presses and keystrokes'.

The authors also reflect on the fact that the smaller screen size and different modalities greatly influence the UX, and should be accounted for when designing an application.

As with any UX decisions, the authors reiterate that the most important design concerns when building an application is maintainging the consistency of user experience. They also state that 'designing UX [expecially in a mobile setting] requires both taking users into account... as well as understanding technical limitations and opportunities associated with the underlying platform(s).'