Do Visitor patterns improve design simplicity?

Author(s): A. Nanthaamornphong, R. Wetprasit
Venue: Software Engineering Conference (MySEC)
Date: 2014

Type of Experiement: Case Study
Sample Size: 24
Class/Experience Level: Undergraduate Student
Participant Selection: students selected from CSC department
Data Collection Method: Observation


This paper presents a study of the effectiveness of the Visitor design pattern. This study is relevant because the usefulness of many design patterns are debated as they can often increase code complexity. The study attempts to judge the usefulness of the Visitor design pattern based on the correctness, time and efficiency of the subjects when answering a questionnaire about the UML diagram given to them.

The study was performed from a sample of undergraduate students who had experience using UML. Each student was given a series of questions about a piece of code given to them in UML. The Visitor design pattern proved to Increase all these metrics with every student. While this study supports the usefulness of the Visitor design pattern, it really requires additional exploration to determine the usefulness of other design patterns.