Advocating UX practice in industry: Lessons learnt from UX innovate bootcamp

Author(s): Chui Yin Wong, Kimberly Chu, Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Pauzi
Venue: IEEE
Date: 2016

Class/Experience Level: Professional
Data Collection Method: Observation, Survey


In recent years, the phrase “user experience” (or UX) has become a popular phrase that is thrown around in many business entities. UX has become a factor in which businesses and companies can use to stay competitive and relevant in the software industry. As a result, companies such as Ericsson have shifted from being technology-driven to user needs-driven. In an effort to promote UX, a boot camp was held in Malaysia to help bridge the gap and advocate a wider application of UX.

To measure the process of implementing UX within the organization, a UX maturity model was adapted to the company culture. This model is comprised of 5 stages: Beginning, Awareness, Adopting, Realizing, and Exceptional. The model also indicates how the timing of the initial introduction of UX, the availability of resources, and the leadership and culture of the company can affect each stage.

The result of the boot camp helped shed light on the crucial need to advocate UX. Many companies overlook the contribution of UX resources such as UX designers and developers. This presented issues when developers who were unequipped were given UX tasks. Furthermore, full support from upper management and key stakeholders in the company are vital to the integration of UX with the business model. This integration ultimately helps the attraction and retention of new customers.