Continuous test generation: enhancing continuous integration with automated test generation

Author(s): Jose Campos, Andrea Arcuri, Gordon Fraser, Rui Abreu
Venue: International Conference on Automated Software Engineering
Date: 2014

Type of Experiement: Controlled Experiment
Sample Size: 1586
Class/Experience Level: Other
Participant Selection: Randomly Selected from SF100, industrial software projects
Data Collection Method: Code Metric, Project Artifact(s)


This study analyzes the ability of the EvoSuite unit test generation tool to effectively create test cases for the scope of a project based on the classes in that project. This tool aims to tackle the technical challenge of generating unit tests for classes that are subject to change over time.

The metrics the study used to evaluate the unit generation tool were branch coverage, thrown undeclared exceptions, and time spent on test generation. They found that the EvoSuite tool had large improvements in all of these areas on projects of widely varied sizes.

The study also provides future expansion on the suite including the incorporation of historical data to optimize test generation.